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Alex Sanjurjo Rubio

Alex Sanjurjo Rubio



Fall and balance are two videos. The first one capture a foreground of about my feets and legs, by way I walk and the tension, it is understood that I try to maintain balance. The tension increased by the haunting music that accompanies the video.

In the second video you see me falling, music affects the staging of the drop back, beaten by the strangeness, the perplexity of being in the world, excluded, separated from it. The momentum exaggerated backward cold reveals a restlessness contained, and also the irreversible fall.


Both videos are related with the balance of life, the difficulty of strangeness, as a metaphor for the expulsion, rejected of the world, separated by consciousness, placed out of the action for to observe it, recalling the fall while we try to keep the balance. For there to be thought is necessary that the action has been implemented already, and that outside action is contemplated, from nostalgia, from melancholy.


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