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Alex Sanjurjo Rubio




With the name “Contemplar”, I have put together different installations the intention of which is to contemplate the presence of oneself.

These installations due to their forms and colours available in the space turn into limits. They are limits that define a new space in the already existing space and generate new possibilities of movement through itself, they break with the precedent situation, generating possible future situations, but at the same time are limits of a present situation making impossible routes.

These two apparent contradictory experiences of “Contemplar” experimentation are complementary and a guide to reflect about oneself. To think about what we are not in relation to a past situation, or what we are not in connection with future situations.

This presence of oneself as one who is not, is not in the space, is not in the world, implies a contemplation of oneself.

Columns, walls, remit to limits, to structures within structures. Every element that forms each of the installations has some individual qualities in shape and colour, some limits, a structure, etc.


But as a whole the individual structure is modified by the element that is on its side and this in turn by the structure which has been put as an adjacent, weakening the concept of structure and being converted in one impossible.

This conception is reinforced with every element in an apparently similar way, there are series of elements that seem to have the same shape and colour, every green cube seems the same, but they are all different. The visible repetition of similar and/or equal elements, transmits the idea of order but the variation, the difference of each of them, denotes again what is opposed; the absence of order.

Every limit, every construction, might have been built in another way, with another variation, with another possibility, converting the experience of building every installation in an impossibility about creating something finite, because the installation that it is in front of us proves by its presence that it might be another. Contemplation of the flow, of the possible variations, of what we constantly are not in relation to the space, in relation to the other, in relation to the world, that is the intention of experiencing “Contemplate”.



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