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Alex Sanjurjo Rubio




Descent is the model of a installation by which the user is descending a ramp, the point of view varies, also the horizon, the user is below the ground line, below the floor of the space in which the installation is located. The user literally sinks by a concave path by which the user can ascend or descend and cross the space from side to side.

The installation space is composed of a white room and a black marble floor. In the black marble floor opens a trench equidistant from side walls, the user go down by the concave trench, loses the room as visual reference, when he is in the lowest point, can see how he is surrounded by the walls of the trench hole, surrounded by black marble, and the curvature of the concavity.


The user can’t see the surface and is sunk in the experience of their own presence. The choice of black marble material is not random but it affects the staging, the theatricality of the descend, as well as its design evokes qualities around the sculpture that contrasts in relation to the proposal of the installation and the descend itself, a duality that brings us to transit between two poles, boundary between the proposed and what it is evoked, increasing and affecting even more illusory experience, the metaphor intrinsic to the descent.


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