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Alex Sanjurjo Rubio



"Evoking the Studio" is an intervention that hinders entry into the studio. This installation is a metaphor that evokes the artist’s own studio, departing from a physical reality with a wall of coloured pillows that hinder entry, directing us to the imaginary space inside, establishing a relationship between its absence and its presence where it transports us, highlighting it as it converts it into fiction, unreality, something imaginary, creating a dialogue between the real boundary and the imagined one, a metaphor of the artistic experience itself, where you depart from a real reality to an evoked one.



For those who visit the studio, this apparently contradictory experience allows them to enter from its absence, making the studio space even more present, framed by the coloured pillows that cover the door and the window onto the street. Both the fabric covering the pillows and its soft feel make the wall transport us into its own fiction.

Intervention realized on the occasion of Nodes de Gràcia in Barcelona, in June, 2009.



© Alex Sanjurjo Rubio

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