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Author-Idea, programming and visual design: Alex Sanjurjo Rubio

Alex Sanjurjo Rubio





EVOCATION is a set of five audiovisual installations that emphasise metaphor and the experience of evocation. Five dark spaces painted black, with projected light and hypnotic sounds, an unsettling experience of light and shadow, voices and quietudes, a disconcerting half-light that evokes mystery, bringing us closer to the unexpected moment. The moment of astonishment, of surprise, that appeals to curiosity, even as we cannot avoid harbouring a certain distrust from not knowing what's going on, from entering into a dialogue, an interaction with that which seduces us but which we find strange because we cannot cope with it, comprehend it. There is an unsettling doubt in perceiving only the cracks, when we can tell that through them there is something more. Five spaces that open and expand toward infinity, evoking, suggesting, insinuating, negating the point that they start from - reality - to present us with five fictions.

The EVOCATION experience refers to the instant when we are bewildered by the world – by what we have in front of us. In each of the five installations, the person is escorted to the doorframe, the threshold, the door, so that they can continue their journey from there, persuaded by two realities – audio and visual – toward the summit of evocation, transcending immediate reality. The person is the centre, the medium where the metaphor moves along; the person is the physical reality to be transcended, to be sacrificed, to be renounced in order to approach what they are not, the figurative image.


EVOCATION persuades, invites, seduces; the five installations have in common that the sound appears dissociated from the visual element. This simulated diachrony is intentional; the person, the explorer, experiences a game between proximities, alternates between being able to feel closer to the audio reality and bewildered by the visual part or vice versa. This contrast is necessary to reproduce the relief of the closeness and the distress of what we find strange.

The diachrony functions as a resource to depart from a safe place, the memory of which accompanies us at the start of our trip towards what we do not know, towards mystery, alternating between relief and distress on the passage towards evocation, towards what we are approaching.

Since both the visual and the audio parts are fictitious cracks, thresholds that invite us to cross them, we feel that this approach never ends, since we cannot ever reach the other side, and hope of achieving it, trying it over again.

Both experiences – the audio and the visual - sketch a sinusoidal curve, each comes closer to the other, meeting at a point only to move away from each other again, distancing themselves as a metaphor of this coming and going that is part of the selfsame experience of evocation that the person is experiencing in the first person.


© Alex Sanjurjo Rubio
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Viewing/Listening Requirements

EVOCATION are five installations with a high-resolution and high-sound fidelity wall-projection, five spaces painted balck. In order to be exhibited in the exhibition area, the installations need the following items;

- A LCD XGA projector with an 800 x 600 screen resolution.
- A projection screen.
- An amplifier and loudspeakers.
- A Pentium IV 2Ghz, 1024 Mb RAM, with CD-ROM player, 1 G of free Hard Disk space. Windows 98, 2000, XP or Vista. A Darla, Digi 1, RME or similar professional sound card. In the computer must be installed the next program, library and plugin:
- Processing
- The audio library SONIA
- The plugin JSyn

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