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Author-Idea, video: Alex Sanjurjo Rubio

Alex Sanjurjo Rubio



Are a set of twelve video installations, video and audio together form a haunting composition. The sequence of images are landscape shots which I have slowed down and distorted, which maintain the balance between the moving and still, frames that act as windows. The slow motion and distortions seek the interest in the flashes of light, reflections, blur. The repetition of movement giving us the impression of invariability, of constancy, as if nothing changed.

The audio captured in different places from the images but belonging to the same environment and also at different times, creates discontinuity, causes strangeness, unreality, the absence of a relationship with the visuals, clearly differentiating the two components of the video installation, frames the fiction encounter and clash with what we have before us, exaggerating the illusory, staging of the other. Twelve video installations as an announcement of what is in front of us that acts as a mirror of ourselves, of our perplexity. Like the visuals, the sound has been distorted and manipulated.


Each of the projections is inserted on a black background, as a threshold, as a framework. Similarity and dissimilarity are supplanted, distance themselves and sacrifice themselves, as a cycle, the diachrony separates them due to lack of correspondence between the video and the audio, but the restlessness that both share unites them in a sort of synchrony. overcome the resistance of the similarity, the video and the audio are sacrificed and we immerse ourselves in the restlessness of lights and sounds, fantasy emerges. The twelve video installations evoke the perplexity of being in the world, we realizing the uncertainty to be disoriented in the clear, appreciating our strangeness, appreciating our real presence.

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