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- Idea, programming, interaction and visual design: Alex Sanjurjo Rubio

Alex Sanjurjo Rubio




“Meditar” is a set of nine audiovisual installations, some of them interactive.

These nine installations have the same subject matter in common, the aim is to experience that which it is not possible to experience, to experience that which each one of us is not. Although all of the nine installations have sound, they are dumb experiences, each one must try to talk about the silence, to meditate about that which it is not possible to talk about. “Meditar” experiences that which revolved around what is not said, hidden intentions.

In spite of the visual presence projected onto the walls of the exhibition room, these images show what is not possible to appear before us, their intentions are to drive us from the visible to the invisible. Their aim is to create a context where someone can experience silence through images and sounds.

Nine experiences that provoke spirituality, mystery, a descent into the abyss of silence, experiences about which you cannot speak, an experience of nothing. “Meditar” does not invite a contemplative attitude towards a being or essence, it suggests a meditative attitude in relation with emptiness, in connection with those we are not. A descent into the abyss not from a negative position in the pejorative sense, but a positive attitude which rejects the illustrations of the world, understanding the world from realism or from a subjective idealism.


It is a subject’s negation to remain silent in relation to the impossibility of building meaning. In the presence of this impossibility it is better to stay silent.

For this reason the visual and sound elements have been created with minimal elements, and have in common the texture, which goes from light to dark, and the consequent grey scale that produces this descent to the silence.

“Meditar” is nine installations which could each be exhibited separately, in different spaces, or on the contrary could be exhibited at the same time in the same space, but each one located in different isolated rooms. In order to arrive at each installation it may be necessary to build a circular space with black walls, the circle will depend on the exhibition space, but will be a metaphor of the descent. The circle should be slightly illuminated.

In the room containing the installation it is necessary that the walls are painted black, illumination should come from projection onto the walls of the room. At the same time loudspeakers are necessary for correct sound. All those elements; projector, loudspeakers have been placed inside the room in such a way that people don’t feel their presence.

“Meditar” is a series of installations that revolve around the unintelligible.





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Viewing/Listening Requirements

Each installation has its own viewing/listening requirements. In some istallations it is necessary to know the user's position, this may be done in two ways. The first one is by placing sensors on the floor, each one will inform to the system the user location inside the exhibition space. These sensors will be hidden, under the carpet for example, if it is possible to put one in the exhibition area. The other way is by putting an infrared camera on the ceiling, this camera should capture the user’s position inside the exhibition space and send the information to the computer. All 9 installations have some elements in common, those that affect the type of computer, projector and loudspeakers in order to be exhibited in the exhibition area.

- A LCD XGA projector with an 800 x 600 screen resolution.
- A projection screen.
- A Pentium IV 2Ghz, 1024 Mb RAM, with CD-ROM player, 1 G of free Hard Disk space. Windows 98, 2000 or XP. A Darla, Digi 1, RME or similar professional sound card.
- An amplifier and loudspeakers.

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