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Author- Idea, programming, interaction and visual design: Alex Sanjurjo Rubio

Iéximal Jélimite
Alex Sanjurjo Rubio



“Reiterate Actions” is a series of five interactive audiovisual installations that have the same subject matter in common, entitled: “Obstruir”, “Impedir”, “Reincidir”, “Reiterar”, “Persistir”

The user has the possibility to interact with five different contexts through five different interfaces with different volumes and each with a different way of working.

Through the interaction of these five installations the user can experiment with different contexts where elements are characterized by repetitive actions. These repetitive actions can be understand as limitations of the action, making other possible actions impossible, which block other experiences of the user, or on the other hand, understanding the repetition as a process of abstraction that is not always identical, where repeating the same sequence is not possible, generating small variations of the initial sequence, disorganizing the initial structure, making other situations and/or contexts possible, not as an evident action but a subtle one, for which the user will have to be very alert.

For both sound and visual aspects these repetitions break out in other variations as the result of the change of rhythm of the initial repetition itself or because of the repetitive user action on the interfaces, generating sound reverberations, vibration effects, changes of the note, texture, etc. On a visual level there also can be variations in the rhythm that have an effect on the position of the elements in the “x” and “y” axle, in some cases more evident than others. Size variations also occur, affecting the width as much as the height.

Another attribute of these five installations is the visual and sound limits. On a visual level there are some physical boundaries, some perimeters that restrict repetitive elements, or continuing to play with the two-sided nature, making possible the area of action or translation of these elements in the time.


On a sound level these areas of action or perimeters have associated sounds that are directly affected according to the action of the user as well as the contribution of the repetitive elements.

This variation on the initial structure makes other structures possible thanks to the user actions through each of the five interfaces. These interfaces are characterized by the material that they are covered with: raw silk, providing a visual impact due to its texture as well as for the combination of colours it intends to contrast. Another important element on all these interfaces is the material inside this silk, foam rubber. It is soft and smooth encouraging the user to touch it without fear of being hurt.

The combination of the silk, colours and the soft material enhances the reminiscence of childhood games and at the same time of a beauty allowing contemplation, thus continuing with the duality of contrasts that characterize the five installations. With the construction of these interfaces I have tried to break away from the idea of an interface as a separate object, a distant element of the installation set, attempting to integrate it inside the meaning, not only on the visual but also interaction level: the entire installation as an essential element. Another element of all the five interfaces is the relationship that the user sustains with the objects, which can be violent with blows, hits, etc, forming a naughty or perverse air together with the visual aesthetics of the piece; or the user can handle the interface with care, increasing the component of delicacy of the silk, favouring a more contemplative attitude.

“Obstruir”, “Impedir”, “Reincidir”, “Reiterar”, “Persistir” deal with and promote actions, implying time as a concept that makes repetition, variation, destructuration, violence, perversion, contemplation, etc., possible.




© Alex Sanjurjo Rubio
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Viewing/Listening Requirements

Each installation has its own viewing/listening requirements. In order to know more details go to the corresponding information of every one. However, all 5 installations have some elements in common, those that affect the type of computer, projector and loudspeakers in order to be exhibited in the exhibition area.

- A LCD XGA projector with an 800 x 600 screen resolution.
- A projection screen.
- A Pentium IV 2Ghz, 1024 Mb RAM, with CD-ROM player, 1 G of free Hard Disk space. Windows 98, 2000 or XP. A Darla, Digi 1, RME or similar professional sound card.
- An amplifier and loudspeakers.

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