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Alex Sanjurjo Rubio




A series of eleven abstract pictures coming together under the title "Variations of light”. The composition of each picture is ordered by a geometry contrasted by the sensitivity of the delicate lighting, the different rectangles positioned on the canvas complement and add to each other thanks to their different shades of lighting, a subtle, delicate lighting sensation, creating spaces that entwine and superimpose each other.

Rectangular slits of light that gradually and subtly create an emerging light without knowing where from, an invasive light, full of mystery; it is not known if it is appearing or fading.

Each picture becomes a pictorial presence altered by a poetry of gradual tonal changes. Apparent geometric shapes moved by an intense light which evoke, in their gradual contrasts, a harmonious and dynamic musical composition.


A light that invites one to meditate, generating the intimacy needed to experience that moment when one perceives the start of something significant.

Shapes of light, whose boundaries expand thanks to their pictorial quality with no trace of the brushstrokes, protrude superimposed on the background, a presence that floods the flat surface evoking an organic sensuality due to the texture, with the light passing through, a combination of geometric order and the passion for colours which produces a simultaneous rise and fall. Hidden intentions that help us move beyond ourselves, slits of light which as we contemplate them, allow us to go beyond the limits of each picture.


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