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Authors- Idea, programming, interaction and visual design: Alex Sanjurjo Rubio

Iéximal Jélimite





This project is an interactive CD-ROM, which is the result of an interest in searching for a space of relations where limits can be experimented within a manner of significance, limits between contradiction and non-contradiction, limits between high and low art, between possibility and impossibility, between credit and discredit, definitely between significance and non-significance, between communication and non-communication, between interaction and non-interaction.

In this way we did not want to build an interactive system with many levers or an interactive system that establishes a user's stereotype through programming, neither a user interface that would fall in the simplicity of the essences that the "if", "then", and "else" offer us.

The result is a total of 16 screens without any link between them. The connections are the conceptions that arise with their contradictions as two faces of the same coin.


This aim questions the reception as contemplation, which pertains to the tradition of the history of art, and the reception as interaction and game. 16 screens on which sound is not something anecdotal, or spectacular, so the sound is understood as a source of knowledge of each screen.

The user can interact in some screens by using the keyboard and its arrow keys, in others screens the interaction is realised by the movement of the cursor in the screen, and by pressing the right button of the mouse. In some cases timing is an important element.

There are screens where interaction does not correspond to the stereotype that we have about the manipulation of information by the user's interaction. In these screens the interaction is equal to contemplation, reflection and meaning, so users cannot modify any of the elements that appear on the screen.




© Alex Sanjurjo Rubio
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Viewing/Listening Requirements

Pentium III PC, 700Mhz, RAM 256 Mb, 48x CD-Rom player, 350Mb free in the hard disk, 19” LCD monitor, Windows 98 or 2000, DirectX 7, mouse and keyboard. Good quality sound card and headphones (for example, SoundBlaster Live! Platinum card and Audio Technica-M40fs headphones). Screen resolution 800 * 600. A quiet and comfortable room.

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