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Alex Sanjurjo Rubio




“Strolling”, is an installation comprising a circular pavement, which as one strolls along it evokes the action of travelling through life and the uncertainty felt throughout it. A pavement taken out of its normal context as it is exhibited in an exhibition hall, the circular form determines and creates a path with no beginning or end, travelling without a destination, absurd, without any sense, whomever strolls along it just goes round and round in circles.

An installation, its metaphor, we are the principal. Upon stepping onto the pavement and starting to walk, we recognise our steps, taking us back to other walks we have taken, where we had hope that everything would be better tomorrow, trying to leave behind the negative moments and letting ourselves be seduced by a pleasant yet fleeting lightheartedness.


Upon strolling around the installation and experiencing it, one evokes the claustrophobia of being stuck at home or at work and the need to go out for a walk for no reason, to postpone the act of thinking about our day-to-day problems for the duration of our walk. A circle that worries us for the fear that nothing will have changed when we return, but upon stopping and stepping off the pavement, we return to the exhibition hall, thus experiencing that change is possible.


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