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- Idea, programming, interaction and visual design: Alex Sanjurjo Rubio

Alex Sanjurjo Rubio


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“INQ_EV” is an interactive an audiovisual installation. The user interact with the sounds emitted by the loudspeakers distribute around the exhibition space in darkness, through a candle. This indicates to the computer and the program the user's location at the room, whose logarithms generates a sonorous experience.

The user feel restlessness as a consequence of being inside a dark room, moving around it thanks to the light of the candle and the sounds, whose aesthetics increase the experience of distress and uneasiness.

It is necessary to know the user's position, this may be done by putting a web camera on the ceiling, the camera should capture the user’s position thanks to the light of the candle inside the exhibition space in darkness and sends the information to the computer, this is the interface of the installation.

The only different viewing/listening requirements are a webcam and a candle.


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