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- Idea, programming, interaction and visual design: Alex Sanjurjo Rubio

Alex Sanjurjo Rubio




“Inquietar” is a set of eleven audiovisual installations, one of them interactive.

Through the logarithms of the program that executes the images and sounds, the user can experience the bright intensity changes of the texture projected, creating variations of light which contrast with the variations of the sounds, emitted by the loudspeakers around the exhibition space. These sounds don’t have any correlation with the bright intensity of the images, the successive changes of tone, timbre and intensity are independent from the visual elements.

The experience of these installations generates restlessness as a result of compare two contexts with different aesthetics. On the one hand, we experience the calm that transmits the visual part, which some times should be hypnotic. Also, it generates confusion as a consequence of its abstract aesthetics, feeling uncertainty in front of something unknown.

This visual aesthetic contrasts with the disquiet sound that causes distress and uneasiness.


The user is the link of these two realities so different at one only space, being the bridge who generates the dialog between them, being active part in the experience of these installations, comparing them, creating the space and the context of uneasiness that causes the experience of “Inquietar”.

The interaction is not through any interface, not modifying the projected images or the emitted sounds. The user interacts through the experience by being there with the visual and sound variations, thanks of the logarithms executed by the program. The results are three mediation sources: the sonorous, the visual and the user.

The user can dialog with the fear, with the insecurity, originating an ambient, an experience of restlessness.

Experience “Inquietar” break the peace of inertia of each day, generating a change process, mixing hope and uncertainty at the same time.

To experience these set of installations is insist on the restlessness that generates to live.





© Alex Sanjurjo Rubio
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Viewing/Listening Requirements

All eleven installations have the same viewing and listening requirements, less INQ_EV that has particular requirements. The elements in common, affect the type of computer, projector and loudspeakers in order to be exhibited in the exhibition area.

- A LCD XGA projector with an 800 x 600 screen resolution.
- A projection screen.
- A Pentium IV 2Ghz, 1024 Mb RAM, with CD-ROM player, 1 G of free Hard Disk space. Windows 98, 2000 or XP. A Darla, Digi 1, RME or similar professional sound card.
- An amplifier and loudspeakers.

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